The Beginning

Why did I choose to create pet portraits?

Well, it’s quite simple: I have always loved animals and after graduating from Ringling, I knew I wanted to work for myself.

Animals have always been a huge part of my life. I grew up always having a family dog, and after graduating high school I purchased my first turtle. I've kept them ever since. After college, while working at the Sarasota Kennel Club, I absolutely fell in love with greyhounds.

Through a good friend, I realized that scratchboard was something that I was more comfortable with than a lot of other mediums.

Scratchboard is similar to the scratch paper you may have used as a kid, where you would scratch away a black coating to reveal different colors underneath.

Maybe you made your own with crayons like I did. Press real, real hard with all different colors of crayons, then press even harder with a black crayon and cover up all the color, lastly scratching out a picture from the black. What fun that was!

The board I use now is a Masonite board coated with white clay and then layers of black India ink. To transform my pieces into full color portraits, I also use colored India inks.

I started out with just scratchboard pieces, but in recent years as I've widened my repertoire, I added in my Ductanimals or Duct Tape pieces. Most recently I added my Soul Windows, using a technique I had learned in college.

All in all, these three techniques all have one major thing in common – they work from the negative, i.e. taking out highlights from a dark background instead of building up from white paper. I just work better backwards!

I absolutely love what I do. My favorite part of all, though? That is easy. It is the joy that I bring my clients with their custom-made portraits of their own precious babies.

I am so happy to have been blessed with this talent and enjoy using it to make others happy, too.

Please feel to contact me anytime at 888-203-7672 to see how I can bring a little happiness to you with a custom portrait of your own!